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Joe Buck – Live @ To Twelve & Friends

Last week I’ve been invited by To Twelve to record the To Twelve and Friends performances in a beautiful small chapel. This is the first night of hopefully many more, where To Twelve invite their friends to tour the country. It was a great success and resulted in three lovely light and airy video’s which will be posted the next few weeks. The first of which is a performance by Joe Buck! Continue reading

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‘Past the bling and the boobs’

Cineville is a Dutch movie platform which provides information on all areas potentially important for your visit to the cinema. The reason I’m telling you about this platform is because editor Erik Schumacher recently posted a column about the connection between Dutch hip hop music videos and the film industry.

It’s an interesting column because it’s become very, very different from the famous American hip hop videos and as I see it, the Dutch rap video’s have been way more developed cinema wise. In a way it’s a nice follow-up to the video I posted last weekContinue reading