Docwerk 2016

Has a new era started in my career? A new project has certainly crossed my life’s road and it was an easy decision for me to jump on that train: Today I started as one of the six film and media makers of the third season of Docwerk (NL).

Docwerk is a tv-lab in the Netherlands which is a breeding ground for graduated audiovisual talent. With six others I’m going to be working on a series about art and culture, which will be available online. Patience for this is key, it will probably happen somewhere in the second half of 2016, I’ll keep you posted of course. We will be coached and taught to develop a film plan while never losing sight of our own vision.

My favourites of 2014:

Job, Joris en Marieke

The Black Marble Selection

Ilse Weisfelt

Katja Heimann, this is not a film

I’ll keep you updated on day-to-day work through Facebook and my new Instagram account (I know, I didn’t have one yet..). So follow me!

Mark Mahoney’s LA Stories

Starting with close ups, the framing, the way Mark Mahoney is portrayed, but most of all, the rhythm in the sound (voice), music and imagery. Where rhythm is the most important part of a music video, the took this to a totally different video and used in the best way imaginable.

I think I just decided how I want to continue in my work! That’s what I call inspiring! Continue reading

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Joe Buck – Live @ To Twelve & Friends

Last week I’ve been invited by To Twelve to record the To Twelve and Friends performances in a beautiful small chapel. This is the first night of hopefully many more, where To Twelve invite their friends to tour the country. It was a great success and resulted in three lovely light and airy video’s which will be posted the next few weeks. The first of which is a performance by Joe Buck! Continue reading